5 Awesome Reasons to Carry a Wallet Multi-Tool

Posted by James Koskela on Sep 4th 2023

To the average person, a wallet multi-tool can seem like a gimmick or a waste of money. However, with this small yet impressive tool, you don’t need to walk around wearing a toolbelt to have a set of useful tools on hand. Check out the best reasons to carry a wallet multi-tool.What is a Wallet Multi-Tool?A wallet multi-tool is a single handheld item containing multiple tools. Unlike other multi-tools, a wallet multi-tool is usually about the size and shape of a credit card. Since it’s specifical
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4 Jobs That Use Lock Picking

Posted by Bill Best on Jul 27th 2023

While lock-picking is a misunderstood art and is often associated with criminal activity, most individuals with lock-picking skills have no malicious intent and a legitimate professional need. Learning to pick a lock is not a simple task, often requiring years of specialized training and practice through trial and error to fully master. Many careers and occupations involve lock-picking, and a competent locksmith is an asset to almost any business or organization. Here are four of the trad
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4 Types of Lock Picks & How to Use Them

Posted by Bill Best on Mar 15th 2023

The number of lock picks on the market can seem overwhelming to a new lock picker. While the main tools you need are a tension wrench and a hook pick, many new to the trade may wonder if a particular type of pick would work better on a tough lock. Though a wide variety of lock picks are available, most of them fit into four specific categories. Explore their differences and how to use each one efficiently with Zero Day Gear.1) Hook Pick The end of the hook pick curves upwards into a hook
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Do Smart Locks Still Work in a Power Outage?

Posted by James Koskela on Jan 12th 2023

Smart locks are among the newest tools at a homeowner’s disposal to secure their property. A smart lock is an electronic locking mechanism that can be controlled through a smartphone and usually eliminates the need for house keys through the use of biometric markers or a keypad. Many smart lock owners use the product for its convenience; homeowners can lock or unlock their doors when they are not present and do not need to carry around a set of house keys to enter their homes. However, t
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9 SHTF Disaster Scenarios & How to Prepare for Them

Posted by James Koskela on Oct 18th 2022

SHTF is a slang expression standing for “Shit Hits The Fan.” Although it can be used as a metaphor for any catastrophic situation, survivalists and preparedness enthusiasts typically use the term to refer to disaster scenarios and societal collapse.What is an SHTF Situation? Although the definition of an SHTF situation varies from person to person, it typically refers to disasters and cataclysms caused by environmental, financial, or political factors. In most SHTF situations, essential
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