Bump Keys: How they Work and the Security Up-Sell Potential

Posted by on Aug 14th 2019

Lock bumping or the 999 method is just one of the many techniques locksmiths use to gain access to your home or office whenever you get locked out.Although many lock companies eskew using lock bumping, the method is sound, and it only takes a little practice to become proficient.It is not a new technique, but even so lock bumping has experienced quite the upswing in recent years thanks to online availability, and it has become one of the simplest ways to enter a home if someone forgets o
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How to Choose the Right Smart Lock for your Home

Posted by on Aug 6th 2019

The primary purpose of installing locks on your doors is to keep out unwanted guests and protect our families and home from possibly dangerous intruders. Even with the advanced tools available on the market today, the placebo effect of locked doors lends a sense of security.When it comes to traditional locks, however, failure due to human error is all-too-possible. Each and every one of us have experienced the sinking sensation of wondering – whether in bed in the middle of the night or mil
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How to Secure your Home Without Monitored Alarms

Posted by on May 2nd 2019

Home burglaries are on the rise in major cities throughout the world. We have also experienced a boom in the home monitoring industry in recent years. In fact, installing sensors and paying for a security service subscription has become the most common way to prepare for the risk of a home invasion, with 17% of American households buying in. Despite its growing popularity, there are some inherent drawbacks to having such a system in your home. These include the cost of the devices, the
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How to Improve the Effectiveness of your Home Alarm System

Posted by on Apr 17th 2019

As modern technology progresses, so do our security systems. Modern tech has brought us alarm systems and monitoring devices that are significantly more advanced than their non-tech counterparts, allowing you to stay on top of home security.It is important to recognize that failing to utilize up-to-date and modern security systems leaves you, your home, and your family vulnerable to burglary, theft, and even dangerous situations. Have a look at some of the weaknesses we've outlined in
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21 Weaknesses of Home Alarm Systems

Posted by on Mar 21st 2019

Installing a home alarm system should promote home safety for occupants and the protection of your property and valuables.However, there are sometimes significant flaws in home security systems and the homes themselves that hinder the function of these precautions. Add in the occasionally careless behaviors exhibited by residents in their daily use of alarm systems and your property can be left vulnerable to invasion, theft, and personal harm, even after installing a home security sys
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