11 Survival Tools that Make Great Gifts

Posted by on Mar 6th 2020

Gift shopping for friends and family is always a challenge. You want to give something personal yet practical that they can get good use out of for years. Survival gear is an excellent way to say that you care this holiday season, and here are our favorite survival tools that make great gifts.

1. Paracord Bracelet

Paracord has unlimited uses for wilderness survival, but a large spool of paracord is are cumbersome to carry. Give your adventurous loved ones a gift that won’t weigh them down, with a woven paracord bracelet.

A paracord bracelet uses heavy-duty paracord, which has a 550-pound capacity that is woven into a stylish bracelet. When you need to use it, you simply undo the clip and unravel the cord. Some models even come with a cord-cutter built into the bracelet fastener so you can quickly and easily cut the length of cord you need.

2. Tactical Flashlight

Being able to see what you are doing and where you are going can make all the difference in a survival situation. A tactical flashlight constructed from heavy-duty weatherproof materials means that your friends and family can always have access to light when they need it most.

When shopping for a tactical flashlight to give these holidays, look for one that can be clipped to a belt or keychain to free up space in your survival pack. It should also be more than 300 lumens to offer adequate light both indoors and outside.

3. Survival Sleeping Bag

Warmth is key for thriving in the wilderness. To keep your adventurous friends and family safe and snug in a survival situation, a survival sleeping bag makes the perfect gift these holidays.

Look for sleeping bags made from Mylar which reflects body heat and offers better insulation from the elements. Mylar is also extremely compact and lightweight, so it won’t weigh down backpacks; perfect for ultralight hikers and campers.

4. Wood Burning Camp Stove

Cooking outdoors is one of the many pleasures of spending time in the wilderness but having a portable cook fire takes the hassle out of building your own fire, and in a survival situation, means you can save your energy for other tasks. A compact wood burning stove uses biomass such as twigs, pine cones and brush to fuel the fire rather than volatile natural gas which can be hazardous to carry when adventuring in the wild.

High-tech models of wood-burning camp stove even feature USB ports for charging phones and other electronics using thermoelectric energy generated by the heat of the fire. This is great for friends and family who love camping in remote locations.

5. Portable Water Filter

In a survival situation, running out of water can be fatal. A portable water filter means you can drink directly from any water source without worrying about waterborne pathogens.

There are several great portable water filters on the market from the mini LifeStraw to larger filters that come with attached hydration bags so that you can filter water and take it with you.

6. Ferro Rod

Fire is vital for warmth, cooking and to deter predators in the wilderness, but starting a fire without a decent lighter can be laborious and waste precious energy in a survival situation. A ferro rod sparks quickly and easily can be used for thousands of strikes and fits compactly inside any pack. When shopping for a ferro rod, look for handles that offer stable grip, and a rod and striker combo that are connected to avoid losing either.

7. Waterproof Tinder

You can’t build a fire without dry tinder to get it started. But in survival situations, you can’t always find dry material. Waterproof tinder makes a great gift to give alongside a ferro rod to create a fire starter kit. Look for tinder that comes in compact packaging, offers a good burn time and can be used with wet or dry wood.

8. Hand Crank Radio

When disaster strikes, your survivalist friend should always be able to keep on top of the latest developments. A hand-crank radio will let them hear news and weather reports without the need for batteries. High-end models usually also feature USB charging ports for electronics making it a great multipurpose gift that is an ideal addition to any bug out bag.

9. Solar Powered Lantern

Ideal for off grid living as well as wilderness survival, a solar-powered lamp makes sure you have sufficient illumination to see what you are doing and avoid hazardous situations in the wild. All it needs is a few hours of direct sunlight, and you will have enough power to operate the lamp all night long. You can even find models that are collapsible, so they won’t take up much room in your pack.

10. Handheld GPS Tracker

Navigation equipment can help you find your way back to civilization in the event of an emergency, and while using a map and compass is an essential survival skill for any adventurer, a handheld GPS device is an invaluable addition to any survival pack.

There are hundreds of models on the market from units with simple topographical maps to units that offer SOS alerts to search and rescue operations. Ideally, you want to find one that is durable and weatherproof to stand up to any survival conditions.

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