7 Best Products to Find Lost Keys

Posted by ZeroDayGear.com on Aug 5th 2020

Every year, 20 million house and car keys are lost in the USA. As a result, locksmiths are often called out to pick or replace locks or cut new keys, but you can offer customers an alternative. Key finders are an effective preventative solution to help clients avoid unnecessary key or lock replacement. Zero Day Gear has researched the best products to find lost keys that you can recommend to your customers. Lost Keys Found Easy

  1. Tile Pro

The Tile Pro key finder has been updated for 2020 to feature a greater range, a louder alarm and a replaceable battery. Tile Pro’s activated phone app can now locate keys within a range of more than 200-feet, while its ultra-audible alarm can be heard from a greater distance.

The Tile Pro is especially useful for finding keys in the home, especially if customers have a Google Nest Mini or Nest Hub. Google recently added Tile support to Google Assistant, enabling people to ring the Tile tracker through voice activation.

A cost-effective solution, the Tile Pro key finder offers a great range and reliable performance

2. Chipolo One

Equipped with an extra loud 120 dB alarm, the Chipolo One makes misplaced keys easy to find. One of the best features of this key finder is that it has a mix of alerts that are sent directly to a smartphone, notifying people that their keys are out of range.

It has a working range of 200-feet, and comes in a wide assortment of bright colors so it is easy to spot. It is also water-resistant so your customers can find their keys in the rain, the battery has a long-lasting two year lifespan and is easily replaceable.

3. KeyRinger Key Finder

If your clients are concerned about being able to hear their key finder alarm in a loud area, The KeyRinger Key Finder is the loudest device on the market. While it doesn’t have the discreet profile of Tile or Chipolo, this bluetooth device is the perfect keychain attachment and emits a loud screeching noise to ensure that your clients can find their keys quickly and easily.

It also has an astonishing 300-feet range and 2-way communication between your devices. It comes with a long-lasting 18 month battery and a tough polycarbonate case that has a 2-year warranty.

4. Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is the least expensive Tile key finder and has a 1-year replaceable battery. With a range of 80 to 90-feet, it can locate keys within a fairly reasonable distance. Meanwhile, a 2-way find feature means that it can locate a phone using a set of keys; perfect for your forgetful clients.

5. Orbit Key Finder

The Orbit Key Finder is a stylish solution that’s available in 12 colors and has a brushed aluminum finish for added durability and waterproofing. This key finder has a digital leash feature that issues an alert if a person ends up too far away from their house or car keys.

This key finder has a fantastic 2-way find feature and a replaceable battery. However, the range is limited, which restricts its usefulness to the home and areas of small coverage. While the listed range is 100-feet, many users report that the actual functional range is only 35 to 45-feet.

6. Mynt ES

The Mynt ES is one of the most cost-effective key finder solutions on the market. Offering a very good battery life and a range of up to 60 feet, the Mynt ES is a great key finder for customers on a budget.

It’s digital leash feature offers great performance, but battery replacement is much more cumbersome than it needs to be for clients that are not tech-savvy.

7. Tile Sticker

The Tile Sticker features an adhesive back and can stick to any surface for up to three years, making it a highly versatile key finding solution. It’s compact design makes it useful for more than just key finding. It can stick to laptops, luggage, a driver’s license and other important items to track them if they’re lost.

It does offer the longest battery life of any popular bluetooth key finder at 3-years. However, its compact design means that it’s alarm is not the loudest, which makes tracking keys a little more difficult.

Sometimes Only a Locksmith Will Do

Key finders do offer a solution if keys are misplaced, lost or stolen. However, key finders are not always reliable. If they are not found, and a homeowner needs access to their property fast, they’re left with no alternative other than to call a locksmith to pick or bump the lock.

People who lock themselves out of their house or business premises because they’ve lost their keys, don’t necessarily want to have their locks broken and replaced because of the costs involved.

Bump Key Solutions

At Zero Day Gear, we equip locksmiths with lock picking and key bumping tools to enable you to gain access to a property, without damaging locks. Our lock pick and key bumping solutions can tackle all kinds of locks, including doors locks, padlocks and more.

Our bump key solutions are ideal for picking pin-tumbler locks, requiring minimal force to help jar pins without damaging the lock and allowing the bump key to turn smoothly.

We have a range of bump key sets from different brands, ranging from starter to premium, offering you an effective solution for unlocking your customers’ locks. We also supply bump key hammers enabling you to strike a bump key with the correct amount of force to make lock pins jump.

Lock Pick Solutions

If you’re looking for an alternative to bump keys or need something else in your locksmith arsenal, we stock a number of lock pick sets and lock pick guns.

Our lock pick sets range from beginner to professional, offering a fully portable solution that you can take on any job where preserving the lock is necessary.

Meanwhile, our lock pick guns are ideal for picking locks where an upward lock solution is required. Our lock pick guns can open locks within minutes.

Order from Zero Day Gear

We ship our lock pick and bump key solutions fast so you have the tools you need to do your job in the quickest time possible. We have a dedicated tracking page where you can trace your order and if there are delays, you will be promptly alerted.

Our products are shipped all over the US and internationally and we offer some of the lowest shipping rates available. To place an order with us, use our secure, online ordering system. If you’d prefer to speak to a sales representative, call us toll free at (855) 937-6329.