Top 4 Smart Locks for Your Home

Posted by on Feb 26th 2020

Smart locks are the future of home security because so many of them are keyless locks that cannot be bypassed with a simple lockpick kit. Rather than using keys, smart locks are accessed in various ways from apps on your phone, keypads, fobs, or even voice activation. They can be seamlessly connected to your home alarm system allowing you to monitor the status of the lock, check when it’s been accessed, check who accessed it, and allow you to remotely lock and unlock the door.Smart loc
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How to Prepare a Go Bag for Emergency Evacuations

Posted by on Feb 18th 2020

Natural disasters, industrial accidents, war, extreme weather; there is any number of reasons why you may need to evacuate your home quickly. Having a “Go Bag” ready takes the stress out of an emergency evacuation and ensures you have the essentials on hand to survive until you can return home. Here is our advice on what to pack when preparing your “Go Bag.”Choose the Right BagEach member of your family should have their own “Go Bag.” Hiking backpacks have plenty of storage pockets and a compact
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6 Locks that Are Hard to Pick and Why

Posted by on Jan 28th 2020

Many companies claim their locks cannot be picked, but this claim is untrue. If the lock exists, then there is a way to open it, and if there is a way to open it, then it can be replicated and picked. A flaw within the system allows people to break in, and if the lock has a way to be opened, then it can be exploited.Having said that not all locks are equal, some can be picked with little more than a hairpin, while others with features like magnetic locks and advanced Smart Locks. While more
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How to Secure a Sliding Glass Door

Posted by on Jan 14th 2020

Sliding glass doors are a popular aspect of many people’s homes, but how do you secure a sliding glass door? What are some of the strategies that could prevent someone from entering a home through a glass portal?The weaknesses of a sliding glass door are many: easy to access latches; positioned in concealed spaces, often the rear of a house; transparent, allowing full view of the interior; and easy to break. Professional assessment with a follow-up as to specific recommendations for a par
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Considerations When Choosing a Door Lock

Posted by on Jan 10th 2020

Choosing the right lock for a home or business can be an overwhelming task because there are so many variations of locks available on the market today. Anytime a home or business security is at stake, making the wrong decision can be costly.People use locks every day, but since they aren’t as noticeable as a surveillance camera or an alarm system, they mostly go unobserved. But they are an important security feature and need to be as strong as the strength of the door frame and the door.
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