Best Door Bolts for a Front Door and Why

Posted by on May 11th 2020

Most of your customers are most concerned about securing their front door. The front door is likely the entry point at which a burglar strikes or attempts entry. More often, burglars are looking for an easy target, a lock they can pick, bump, or break quickly without bringing any attention to themselves.

Clients want a good quality high-security lock at their home’s main entrance to help prevent easy access to an intruder. A premium or good quality lock is usually enough of a deterrent, assuming the rest of the ground floor access points have good security for the burglar to go elsewhere.

There are several types of locks you can recommend for front door installation to increase security, ranging from standard deadbolt locks to more advanced smart and keyless locks. Each type of lock has advantages and disadvantages, along with its security rating.

Here is some information about what type of lock may be best to stock, as well as suggestions of the best in each category.

Types of Locks

  • Single-Cylinder Locks

A single-cylinder lock uses a key to lock and unlock from the outside and a knob from the inside. Such locks can be standard key locks or electronic or keypad locks, allowing keyless entry for residents.

  • Double-Cylinder Locks

A double-cylinder lock uses a key to lock and unlock from the outside and inside. This helps in situations where there is a glass window near the lock. These locks prevent somebody from breaking the window and unlocking the door from the inside using the knob. However, this added security feature can sometimes pose an issue with local fire codes, as they prohibit exiting in case of emergency.

  • Vertical Locks

Vertical locks incorporate a vertical bolt that locks through a set of rings, securing the door in place. These locks can either be single- or double-cylinders and are most often seen in commercial environments, such as hotels, apartment buildings, or offices.

  • Smart Locks

Smart locks use technology to facilitate the entry and lockdown of a residence through the use of keypads, smartphones, biometrics, Wi-Fi, or FOBs. In addition, a number of smart locks can incorporate a motion-activated camera at your front door, so your home can be monitored remotely, and you are notified if a break-in attempt is made.

Lock Quality

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) determines grade ratings for the different types of locks on a scale of 1 to 3.

Grade 1 locks receive the highest rating possible, and are usually limited to commercial and industrial uses, but have recently been adopted for residential use. Grade 2 locks are ubiquitous, featuring durable and reliable construction. For most people, these locks are sufficient. Grade 3 locks offer basic protection but may use lesser-quality parts or a more straightforward system.

Best Standard Lock - Kwikset 660 Single Cylinder Deadbolt

This deadbolt is a great all-around option with a solid reputation and high-quality construction. It is a single-cylinder deadbolt with an ANSI Grade 3 security rating. It comes in multiple finishes to match your hardware style and can be complemented with a handle for added convenience. Another great advantage of the Kwikset 660 is its SmartKey technology, which allows you to rekey the lock according to existing keys easily and quickly.

Best High-Security Lock - Medeco Maxum Single Cylinder Deadbolt

For maximum security, the Medeco Maxum is an excellent option to prevent forced entry. It has a Grade 1 deadbolt aimed at providing the homeowner with the highest sense of safety and protection. It’s resistant to lock picking, bump keys, and other forms of breaking. Supported with a two-year warranty, this lock lasts and protects you for many years.

Best Smart Lock - Yale Assure YRD256-CBA-619

The Yale Assure Lock combines the best of both worlds, using advanced security features from its manufacturer Yale, as well as its sister company August’s smart lock platform. This security system can be operated using remote access, voice control, sensors, and electronic keys. One of the best smart locks on the market; it has a Grade 2 rating, is resistant to drilling, and impossible to pick since it’s keyless.

Final Word

There are several ways to secure your front door, and picking the right one depends mostly on the level of security and convenience your client wants to incorporate into their home. No matter what type of lock chosen, we suggest you only recommend one that has an ANSI security rating of at least a 3, preferably a 2 or 1 for higher security purposes.

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