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Posted by on Dec 23rd 2019

In 1946 Adolf Schoepe and Karl Rhinehart developed a tubular lock design, named “Kwikset” to highlight the ease and speed with which locks could be installed. Shortly after that in 1948, the post-war housing boom led to the widespread use of the fast, dependable, and easily installable Kwikset lock.

In 1958, Kwikset introduced their legendary “K” key design. In 1992, after nearly 50 years of creating high-quality locks, Kwikset continued its innovation with its new high-security Titan product line. In 2007 Kwikset once again revolutionized residential and light commercial locks with their SmartScan™ biometric-based keyless security technology. In 2008 Kwikset launched their keyless SmartCode™ deadbolt, the culmination of a decade of testing and consumer feedback. Finally, in 2009, Kwikset released their SmartKey™ re-key technology, which allows you to re-key their locks in seconds.

The Revolutionary SmartKey™

The Kwikset SmartKey™ is a user-rekeyable wafer lock. The wafer and sidebar design of these locks makes them much more resistant to lock picks and totally stops bumping tools from even working.

While these locks are incredibly resistant, with the correct tools in hand, you can re-key the locks to work with a new key of your choice. This versatility allows you to maintain control over your locks; be it in re-keying all the locks to a single key for ease of access or changing keys in the event of loss or misplacement of one of the original keys to the lock.

Some Kwikset products that contain SmartKey™ technology include:

The Kwikset 780 Deadbolt is a single cylinder deadbolt lock featuring an adjustable latch and deadbolt to fit any standard door preparation; alongside the SmartKey™ technology these locks also feature a stainless steel side locking bar, racks, and pins for further increased security.

The Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt utilizes SmartKey™ technology as an alternative to master keying. The ease and flexibility these locks afford increased flexibility in key management, all while maintaining one-key access to all units.

Even the Kwikset 660 Deadbolt, Kwikset’s largest selling model, can be ordered with SmartKey™ technology. This model is meant to be simple and effective, and now with SmartKey™ technology, its protection improves.

Electronic Locks

For those more electronically inclined, Kwikset also produces a plethora of electronic locks utilizing both physical buttons and touchscreen keypads. Named SmartCode, these electronic locks allow the creation of a personal keypad code that can be used to lock or unlock the residence.

These codes allow one to interface with their lock with a few simple button presses and lock their door with a single press. Temporary codes can even be assigned and deleted as necessary to allow total control over who can lock and unlock the residence. Many of these SmartCode locks can also be made to interface with both Amazon Key devices and Apple HomeKit™.

Some of Kwikset’s electronic lock options include:

  • The Kwikset 264 Traditional Deadbolt
  • Kwikset builds this for use on exterior doors where keyed entry and security are needed. These locks feature a motorized deadbolt with one-touch locking, up to six customizable user codes, and an alarm that will sound after five consecutive entries.
  • The Kwikset 275 Contemporary Square Touchscreen Deadbolt
  • No key necessary for entry with this lock. This Kwikset model creates a system of both convenient keyless entry and high security through the use of customizable user codes. This model features one-touch locking, customizable automatic locking, and will fit most standard residential door preparations.
  • The Kwikset SmartCode 909 Traditional Deadbolt
  • This lock can easily replace any standard deadbolt lock and can be easily installed with just a screwdriver. This model features one-touch motorized locking, stainless steel components for increased security, and patented side locking bar technology. As an additional security backup, the SmartCode 909 also includes SmartKey™ technology.

Smart Locks

Currently, smart devices are rapidly becoming a fixture in many homes and businesses, and Kwikset is staying up-to-date with modern technology with smart locks. The product line is called Kevo (pronounced Key-vo), and it combines all the high-end security that Kwikset locks are known for with the convenience of a smart device.

Kevo locks can be made to work with both Ring video doorbells and Amazon Alexa devices to truly ingrain Kwikset’s smart locks into any smart home atmosphere. When paired with the Kevo app, one can remotely access their Kevo locks and keep track of who is locking and unlocking.

These features, alongside the option for touch-to-open® entry with the Kevo Fob, make the Kwikset Kevo a seamless alternative to integrate into the lives of any utilizing a smart home infrastructure.

Some of Kwikset’s options for Kevo smart locks include:

  • The Kevo Touch-To-Open Smart Lock
  • The Kevo brings the security of the Kwikset lock into the smart device era. These locks can be locked and unlocked with a simple touch to their exterior, with a turnpiece from the interior, or with a Kwikset SmartKey™ from the exterior. These locks feature military grade PKI encryption and utilize Kwikset SmartKey™ technology to maintain a high level of security.
  • The Kevo Convert
  • The Convert allows one to transform their existing deadbolt into a smart lock in a manner of minutes with no hardwiring required. The Kevo Convert replaces only a lock’s internal hardware, allowing one to sync with the Kevo app to lock and unlock their Kevo lock from their phone as well as allowing tracking of who uses the lock and when.
  • The Kevo Plus
  • The Kevo Plus is an excellent upgrade to your Kevo smart lock. With the Kevo Plus in place, you can maintain full remote access to your locks in any situation where you have an internet connection. You can activate these features through either the Kevo app or the Kevo web portal, which also shows whether your door is currently locked or unlocked.

Final Thoughts

Kwikset offers a wide variety of locks ranging from traditional physically keyed locks to cutting-edge smart locks. The company precisely engineers every one of these products and tests them to maintain a level of security above that of most competitors.

Whether you own a residence and want to incorporate a Kevo into your existing smart home or have responsibility for an industrial warehouse and want to update security, with SmartKey™ locks, Kwikset makes a line of products that can and does appeal to anyone in need of high-quality locks.

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