Bumping or Lock Picking? What’s the Best Option?

Posted by Bill Best on Feb 15th 2018

Imagine purchasing your first set of rental apartment buildings and having the difficult task of keeping track of all the various keys. As a new landlord, having access to the keys for these units in cases of emergency remains solemnly your responsibility.

Misplacing the keys often means an expensive bill from your local locksmith. However, purchasing either a lock pick or bump key set could be a faster and cheaper alternative. Both products have the capability of unlocking most locks in record time. The only challenge that buyers may face is deciding which set to select as a backup option.

The first factor in determining whether to choose a lock pick or bump key set is based upon your skill set. If you 

Lock Picks

are a newbie at this and have never popped a lock, then you may find the bump key set easier to utilize.

About 90% of all locks can be unlocked with a bump key. Bumping requires little to no skills. Even an amateur can be quite successful in opening a lock with this method. The key that is used during this process is one that is specifically designed to manipulate the mechanics of pin tumbler locks.

A bump key is cut in a manner that allows it to not properly align with the key pins. This formation allows the pins in the lock to be impacted when force is applied to the key. The key must be able to fit into the lock and be inserted one notch away from full insertion for this process to work. Interested to know more and see our tools in action? Head to a review of our products and see for yourself.

When the key is impacted or bumped by a screwdriver, mallet or specifically designed object, the key is forced deeper into the lock. In return, the driver pins inside the lock jumps for a fraction of a second. This allows a small amount of time for an individual to turn the key and open the lock. Lock bumping only takes seconds to perform and leaves no permanent damage to the locks.

Although purchasing a lock bump set may be the best selection for individuals who have limited skills in manipulating a lock, lock picking practice sets are available for those who have experience. Lock picking is another way to non-destructively open a lock when you lack access to the original key.

Like lock bumping, lock picking also works on pin tumbler locks by causing the pins to raise or jump. However, the process is more complicated than bumping and requires a greater investment of energy and time to master the art.

In comparison to a simple key utilized in bumping, lock picking requires a set of tools. Most common lock picking sets will include picks, raking tools and tension wrenches. Several techniques may be used with these tools to open the lock. However, the main objective is to apply pressure to lift the pins individually. When every pin is moved correctly, then the lock can be turned and opened.

Although more time and effort is required for lock picking as opposed to bumping, thisbig-bump-key-set-top.png method may be great option for those who have the time to practice and learn the process. The advantage includes having the ability to open locks that may not work with a bump key.

While a good set of bump keys have the capability of opening majority of locks, you may encounter an instance where none of the keys will fit. In this situation, you will be unable to use the bumping process. However, if you are skilled in lock picking, then you may still be able to successfully open this lock.

Deciding whether to select a bump key or lock picking set may rely totally on your expertise or comfort level in learning a new skill. The good news is that either selection will be a wise choice that will save you hundreds of dollars on locksmith services and provide you with the extra security that you deserve.

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