Helping Your Customers Determine if They Need a Video Surveillance System

Posted by on Jun 17th 2020

Locksmiths generally focus on doors, safes, and physical security needs, but locksmiths’ knowledge of crime and security concerns can be helpful when assessing the need for video surveillance. Any lock can be picked or forced open by a motivated thief with enough time and equipment, so video surveillance adds another deterrent to criminals.

Most customers need a video surveillance system, but the location and type can vary. Residential customers should consider a simple system that focuses on outside doors, while commercial clients may need indoor and outdoor cameras for optimal protection.

Frequency of Crime

Although the frequency of burglaries has decreased in recent years, FBI statistics show that an average of $2,416 in property loss occurred in each burglary in 2017. This loss can be devastating for families and small businesses.

It can be difficult to predict which neighborhoods or businesses may be suddenly victimized by a break-in. Areas without any past history of criminal activity can suddenly be targeted by experienced burglars seeking particular high-value equipment, cash, or even prescription medications.

Outside Doors

The fewer obstacles there are between a criminal and his prize, the more likely he is to pursue it. Although apartments and business suites still experience break-ins, they are not as vulnerable to outsiders. Single-family homes and businesses with outside doors almost definitely need security cameras that can be monitored from the inside of the property and remotely.

Even if an office or other business space contains almost no valuables, desperate criminals may try to take advantage of an outside door to steal anything they can. Businesses with multiple outside doors need a video surveillance system at each door, even if they have high-quality locks on their doors.

The presence of a visible security system is a powerful deterrent for many petty criminals. Having a camera outside each outside door can sharply reduce the chance of break-ins.

Critical Offices and Storage

Unfortunately, crimes are sometimes committed by employees with keys or RFID access to offices, safes, and more. One study estimates that employee theft costs employers $50 billion every year. Preventing crimes by employees is difficult, and one of the best deterrents is a 24/7 video surveillance system.

Sometimes employees won’t even go after cash or valuables, but instead, just damage equipment or steal trade secrets. Either way, most businesses find it worthwhile to guard highly sensitive offices and storage with video surveillance to deter crime and catch offenders.

Cost-Effective Measures

Basic outdoor video cameras can be purchased for around $50, with some requiring small additional monthly fees for video storage. These very basic systems only record footage if their motion sensor is activated, and are not an appropriate option for high-traffic areas and businesses. However, they can be a good option for homeowners on limited budgets.

Businesses want to invest in higher-quality cameras that automatically store up to 24 hours of footage in cloud storage, in case the camera is damaged. Many of these camera systems include better monitoring features that cost about $30 a month, plus a few hundred dollars in up-front installation fees depending on the number of cameras.

The peace of mind is well worth it. By guarding your premises with video cameras, you can help thwart highly skilled burglars who might attempt to get through your locks.

Limits of Video Surveillance

Depending on the system, video cameras may be disabled during power outages or if their wires are cut. Cameras that use batteries as their primary or backup power system may be a better option, but they can still be damaged by a burglar.

Video cameras will never be a replacement for strong door locks and safes. They add an extra level of deterrence, but locksmiths must still work closely with clients to make sure door locks and other security measures are as strong as possible.

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