Padlock Deluxe Product Overview Video

Posted by Zero Day Gear on Jul 17th 2017

Do you routinely run into Padlocks which you need access to?  Want another method to gain entry besides lock picks?  Enter the Zero Day Gear Padlock Deluxe Bump Key Set

This is the top of the line Padlock bump key set and features 12 of the most popular padlock bump key profiles, a single key ring, and 5 of the super-soft bump key o-rings all in one package.  While we haven't gone into great depth about what the "offset" cutting technique does, the result of cutting our keys using this proprietary method gives what we feel are the best bump keys you'll ever find. 

To "offset" a bump key we slightly shift the cutting head in a specific manner to ensure that all the peaks on the key are as close to equal in height as is possible.  By doing so, we're able to produce well-functioning keys that work great either by themselves or by using a bump key o-ring.  The choice is yours in this... You could use a bump key o-ring, or you could stick with the tried and true method of pulling the key out one 'click'.  In either case, the keys in this set will not disappoint. 

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