Top 4 Smart Locks for Your Home

Posted by on Feb 26th 2020

Smart locks are the future of home security because so many of them are keyless locks that cannot be bypassed with a simple lockpick kit

Rather than using keys, smart locks are accessed in various ways from apps on your phone, keypads, fobs, or even voice activation. They can be seamlessly connected to your home alarm system allowing you to monitor the status of the lock, check when it’s been accessed, check who accessed it, and allow you to remotely lock and unlock the door.

Smart locks also have the most advanced anti-tamper protection available with the ability to receive notifications via your phone or email whenever someone has attempted to make an unauthorized entry.

New technology also makes homes accessible to others if necessary. The ability to remotely open the door allows you to let in those who need entry even while you are away. Worried about someone stealing your phone? The access is easy to cancel by going online and managing your account to make sure the phone cannot be used to enter your home anymore.

These Smart locks are increasing in popularity; the only hard part about them is choosing which one is right for your customer.

Here are the top 4 smart locks to consider carrying in your inventory:

1) Yale Assure Lock SL

Yale is one of the best known and most well-regarded names in the key market, and with their Yale Assure Lock SL they live up to those high standards.

A stylish lock that can be customized to the décor of your door, Yale’s flagship Smart Lock has almost everything expected in a modern system.

Connectivity encompasses the Z-Wave system, but there is no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Z-Wave system is easy, and if the home already has a Yale Security System, this fits in seamlessly.

Guest access and the keypad are standout features. The buttons not only look but feel great and setting up guest passwords is easy - with options to limit amount and time of entry.

The anti-tamper measures are also the best on the market, especially when it is connected with an existing Yale home alarm system.

Due to the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity, the smart lock cannot be controlled through any of the major smart home technologies and lacks voice activation. A drawback for some.

2) Nuki Combi Smart Lock

The Nuki Combi is one of the best smart locks on the market. The Nuki App is available on your Android or Apple phone, and it is a class above the competition.

It allows you to lock or unlock the door remotely, meaning you can let someone like a tradesman gain temporary access to your home even if you are not there. If the door has been opened, you can see exactly when it happened and find out immediately. Before smart locks, you would have to wait at home for the repairman which wasn’t always an option.

Creating new “keys” is easy too. Access can be given over the app or by a unique code if you choose to install the keypad.

Keys can be easily disabled at the touch of a button, so if a family member happened to lose a phone that allowed access to the door, the key could be simply disabled from the app or website.

The Nuki also has a remarkably easy installation - with the device fitting over your existing lock meaning you can have all the benefits of a smart lock in just 30 minutes!

One drawback of this system is that it is not “keyless.” Your old system key et al. is under the Nuki Combi SL, meaning that if an intruder drills or breaks off the Smart Lock, they can attempt to lockpick the door as they would any other.

It adds time and complication to the lockpicking process, but it is still a major flaw in the system.

3) Schlage Sense Smart

The Schlage Sense Smart is a great all-round smart lock with high-end features like voice-activation and a tamper alarm.

Connecting to your smart device by Bluetooth, the Schlage can be controlled by Amazon, Apple, and Google’s voice assistants.

There are also an array of options for unlocking the door, from using your phone, the webpage, or the keypad built into the lock.

The sense mart allows for guest profiles to be set up as well, with the ability to set up individual codes for each authorized guest meaning you can monitor who accessed the property and when they did. They can also be set up for a limited time, saving you the hassle of reconfiguring the whole system.

The Schlage is also one of the few systems that comes in multiple styles - so you will be able to easily find one that fits your home’s décor.

4) August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled + Connect

One of the premier players in the smart lock field is August, and with their Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled they have created a truly ground-breaking product that is full of features, easy to use, and will make your home safer.

The August Smart Lock can be retrofitted to an existing lock and connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your home network - allowing you to use the voice-activated Amazon’s Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant to control the device.

Having two connection types increases reliability because if your Wi-Fi network is down, you can still unlock the door via your phone’s Bluetooth.

You can also set up notifications when real-world events happen, such as your front door has been opened. These can be set up to be sent directly to your phone or email.

The only drawback is the lack of tamper alarm built into the device, but with the ability to know if the door is open and to receive notifications when that is the case, you can overlook this one blind spot in an otherwise fantastic device.

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