Zero Day Gear Bump Key Introduction (video)

Posted by Zero Day Gear on Jul 14th 2017

Have a look at our demo video outlining the products offered on our site.  We trust that once you have got a set in your hands, you'll love how well our products work and the craftsmanship of what we deliver. 

It is important to note that all keys stocked on our site are cut using our offset specifications. By utilizing this custom technology, we're able to offer bump keys which are bar-none some of the best you'll ever see. What does the offset cutting mean?  This will be a topic that we'll cover in a future post in more exacting detail, however, our offset cutting techniques slightly shift -- or offset -- the peaks of the key in a beneficial manner. 

The most beneficial change you'll notice with one of our offset bump keys that for many keys filing the shoulder slightly down will not be necessary... even with an o-ring installed!

Pick out a key set and get bumping. 

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