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Posted by on Apr 11th 2022

Brand Spotlight: Schlage

Schlage locks have been gracing residential and commercial doors since 1920 when founder, Walter Schlage, began to manufacture tools to create the first doorknob with a push-button lock in the center. Schlage continues to innovate and create superior locks and stunning and stylish hardware.

The Schlage Company History

Walter Schlage was an innovator from the start with his first patent in 1909 for a door lock that could also turn the lights on and off. His creative mind continued to dream up and produce incredible inventions including an advanced version of the pin tumbler lock that most residential doors use today.

He received numerous accolades for his inventions and engineering including the Modern Pioneer Award, a prestigious award given to outstanding American Inventors.

Following his death, the company built on its reputation for innovation and quality and expanded by buying out a number of other lock companies to offer a more complete selection of hardware.

Most recently, Schlage was bought by the Allegion group, which is the #1 manufacturer of security and safety products in North America.

Schlage Locks

Schlage produces a variety of different locks building on the success of their pin tumbler lock. The single or double cylinder deadbolt locks are a popular choice for residential applications and features a 5 pin tumbler. Though they can be purchased with a 6 pin tumbler for added security.

Their most recent innovation includes a series of Smart Locks and Electronic Locks that integrate with your home’s smart devices, WIFI system and voice activated virtual assistants such as Alexa. There is also a fail-safe deadbolt incorporated into the lock panel to fit with standard Schlage keys.

For homes and commercial properties without smart connectivity, Schlage also a range of keypad electronic locks which provide an added layer of keyless security and protection. There is no programming required as the codes are preset, and the locks also features a deadbolt and pin tumbler lock as a fall back in case the home or business owner forgets the code.

Schlage Bump Keys

Schlage locks and door handles are renowned for their outstanding architectural details and interior design elements. Unfortunately, for times when you find yourself locked out of the house, a lock pick or lock replacement can mean a hefty bill from your local locksmith or potentially damaging your beautiful door hardware.

Schlage bump keys are the perfect solution to protecting your home from damage and gaining access to your residence with ease. At Zero Day Gear, we offer two styles of Schlage bump keys either as a single product or as part of our Bump Starter Kit which features bump keys from nine of the most popular residential lock profile and two popular padlock key profiles.

Schlage bump keys are also available as part of the Professional Bump Key Set which also features bump keys from eighteen different lock companies which have all been cut with our special off-set technique at the tip to facilitate easier bumping.

Benefits of Schlage Bump Keys

Whether you are a professional locksmith, a landlord, or home owner, there are many benefits to using Schlage bump keys as opposed to lock picking gear for accessing Schlage door locks.

Variable Pin Tumbler Number

Bump keys are designed to open 90% of residential locks, but it is important to match the brand of bump keys to the lock. Most Schlage deadbolt locks come with both 5 and 6 pin tumblers, by offering two different pin number options, we increase the likelihood of a successful bump.

Schlage bump keys allow you to access almost all Schlage locks without damaging the mechanism or the external hardware. Schlage bump keys come in both 5 and 6 pin options to fit most Schlage residential locks and work optimally when paired with a specially designed bump hammer for applying the ideal level of force when striking the key.

Durable Construction

Attempting to bump a lock with the wrong type of key or a poorly constructed key can lead to irreversible lock damage and cost you more money long-term to replace the door.

At Zero Day Gear, our Schlage bump keys are constructed from durable nickel silver alloy which are manufactured to be thinner than standard keys for better pin manipulation. Due to the thinness of the key, care should be taken when turning the key in the lock to prevent the key breaking off inside the lock. Schlage bump keys are not designed for everyday use, but for occasional use in an emergency.

Easy Bumping

Bump keys are designed to make accessing a home or property easier than ever making ideal for security professionals, even those without much training or who are a bit rusty, in the art of lock picking. When bumping, you only have a limited amount of time to turn the bump key after striking the end. For people unaccustomed to opening locks this way, it can be frustrating when the lock does not open instantly and the key needs to be reset.

At Zero Day Gear, our Schlage bump keys come with soft bump o-rings to allow you to repeatedly strike the lock without needing to reset the key each time for more efficient lock bumping. Bump rings are placed over the shoulder of the key between the face of the lock to make the key stick out slightly from the lock allowing the key to automatically reset if your first strike isn’t successful.

High Quality

Like many lock picking techniques, bumping is not without its risks. Poorly designed lock picking equipment and keys can snap off and damage locks leaving you locked out of your property and needing to replace your entire door handle and lock.

Our Schlage bump keys are manufactured in the USA from durable materials to a high standard so that we can guarantee the highest quality possible for a successful bump.

Final Thoughts

Schlage has been producing quality locks and door hardware for over 90 years. Our Schlage bump keys allow you to access your property quickly and easily without damaging the Schlage door handle. To find out more about Schlage locks and how a bump key can help you better secure a home and property, call Zero Day Gear on (855)-9376-329 to talk to our experienced, professional staff. 

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