Bump Key Hammers

Get A Bump Key Hammer

Take your bumping to the next level; pick up a Bump Key Hammer.  While not necessary to bump a lock, a hammer does make the experience more pleasant.

A bump hammer is a good striking tool and helps to ensure that the right amount of force is applied time in and time out.  We feel it's easier to control than using, say, the back of a screwdriver. 

Flex Plus Bump Hammer


The Flex Plus bump hammer is the most flexible tool used to strike the back of a bump key to help ensure a successful bump that we offer. Whether or not the most flexible hammer is the one which works best is a personal preference; there isn't a "best"...

Standard Bump Hammer


The "Standard Flex" bump hammer is a fine tool to help with the bumping process. While a bump hammer is not a necessary tool, it is one which can help to save your fingers and potentially improve the speed of bumping.  We offer several different...

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