Bump Keys

Need to open a locked door fast but don't want to mess with lock picks? Get one of our quality American Made products. All Zero Day Gear Bump Keys are created in-house from American Made keys and shipped from the United States. We think our our keys are made better and, coupled with our super-soft bump key o-rings, the user will experience a much better lock bumping experience than what most are accustomed to. Why you want to use a bump key: A bump key is a tool that should be included in every professional's tool box. With a couple of whacks of a hard tool the majority of locks in the United States will open within seconds. While a bit of skill is required to use a bump key, often learned in several minutes, bump keys are an effective, fast, and easy approach to open doors, locks, deadbolts, padlocks, and more. We are experienced. Our computer controlled key code cutting machines ensure all keys are cut within .001 of an inch each and every time. Precision machining. We provide a quality product you will be happy bumping with. Don't take our word for it: Read the hundreds of reviews left by customers. All bump keys for sale are ready for immediate shipping. Most orders ship within 1 Business Day and will be delivered within 5 days. Expedited shipping options are available.

Professional Bump Key Set


Our professional bump key set is geared toward, you guessed it, the professional who demands a quality product and a wide variety of tools in a single set.  It's a good upgrade from the Starter.  To ensure the best possible bumping success...

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Residential Deluxe Bump Key Set


If you're a professional who only cares about ensuing you've got the right key for residential units (houses, apartments, town houses, condos, rental units, and so on) this is the set you want!  We've taken time to piece this set together and have...

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