Embark on your adventures with confidence, equipped with Zero Day Gear's premium selection of EDC (Everyday Carry) tools, bushcraft essentials, survival gear, and versatile pocket tools. Based just outside Detroit, Michigan, USA, we specialize in providing top-notch products designed for durability, efficiency, and reliability in the most demanding situations.

Our EDC tools are crafted for everyday convenience, blending seamlessly into your life while offering functionality at a moment's notice. From multi-tools for quick fixes to compact items for unexpected challenges, our EDC range ensures you're never caught unprepared.

For outdoor enthusiasts and survival experts, our bushcraft and survival gear is a testament to ruggedness and practicality. From sturdy knives and fire starters to water purification systems and emergency shelters, each item is selected to enhance your outdoor experience, ensuring safety and self-reliance in the wilderness.

Our pocket tools epitomize portability and ingenuity, designed to be your go-to companions for quick access and ease of use. These tools represent the perfect blend of form and function, offering diverse solutions in compact forms.

Staying prepared is more than a choice; it's a lifestyle. Zero Day Gear's commitment to quality, fast shipping, and a no-backorder policy ensures you receive your gear promptly and in perfect condition. Whether you're an urban dweller, weekend hiker, or seasoned wilderness explorer, our curated selection stands ready to meet your needs and exceed expectations. Join the ranks of prepared individuals who choose Zero Day Gear for quality, efficiency, and reliability.

  • ZeroDayGear SharpHair Safety Tool

    SharpHair Safety Tool


    Tactical EDC tools must be lightweight, easy to carry, practical, and take little to no space. When it comes to saving EDC space and being on you at all times, nothing beats the SharpHair Safety Tool. Combine fashion and field practicality with this...

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  • ZeroDayGear Gold Standard - Handcuff Key

    Gold Standard - Handcuff Key


    Introducing the Gold Standard Handcuff Key: Your Essential EDC Tool for Survival and Security In a world where personal safety is paramount, the Gold Standard Handcuff Key is an indispensable addition to your everyday carry (EDC) arsenal. This...

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  • ZeroDayGear Braided Cable Keychain

    Braided Cable Keychain


    Introducing our Braided Keychain with Screw Clasp, the ultimate accessory for lock picking, everyday carry (EDC), and survival enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, this keychain is a must-have tool for those who value quality...

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  • ZeroDayGear Pocketwise Screw Driver Key Tools

    Pocketwise Screw Driver Key Tools


    The Pocketwise multipurpose miniature screwdriver set is the perfect everyday and emergency tool. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to attach to your keychain for convenient everyday carry (EDC).  Despite the small size, these are...

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  • ZeroDayGear Hidden Threat Handcuff Key

    Hidden Threat Handcuff Key


    Introducing our discreet and life-saving Handcuff Key Buckles. You never know when you might need a handcuff key subtly hidden on you, and these buckles are designed to be your secret weapon in unexpected situations. Imagine the peace of mind knowing...

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  • ZeroDayGear Black Paracord Bracelet

    Black Paracord Bracelet


    Introducing our Black Paracord Bracelet with a Silver Clasp, a stylish and functional accessory that combines fashion with practicality. Designed for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, this bracelet is the perfect companion for your thrilling journeys...

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  • ZeroDayGear Cycle EDC Multi Tool

    Cycle EDC Multi Tool


    Introducing our Bicycle-shaped Multitool, a versatile and stylish tool designed to revolutionize your everyday carry. Inspired by the spirit of adventure and the love for cycling, this multitool combines functionality, durability, and a unique design...

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  • ZeroDayGear Multitool Handheld Axe

    Multitool Handheld Axe


    The ZDG Heavy Duty Multitool is constructed with high-quality stainless steel. Its tinted woodgrain handles ensures excellent visibility in any situation. This multitool is designed to handle tough tasks such as cutting, sawing, prying, driving screws,...

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  • ZeroDayGear Avalanche Multi Tool

    Avalanche Multi Tool


    Introducing the Avalanche  18-in-1 Snowflake Multi-tool, the ultimate compact solution for all your everyday needs. This versatile multitool is designed to be your go-to companion, providing you with eight essential functions in one sleek and...

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  • ZeroDayGear Pinky Popper

    Pinky Popper


    Introducing our Micro Bottle Opener, the ultimate tool for unlocking endless fun and excitement! Don't let its small size fool you—this tiny powerhouse is packed with big possibilities and is ready to take your beverage-opening game to the next...

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  • ZeroDayGear Stainless Steel Comb

    Stainless Steel Comb


    Introducing the Zero Day Gear Everyday Carry Stainless Steel Comb, a sleek and versatile grooming tool that ensures you always look your best, even in unexpected situations. Measuring at a convenient size of 5.5 x 1.46 inches (at the widest parts), this...

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    ZeroDayGear Enhanced Eating Instrument

    Enhanced Eating Instrument


    Introducing our Enhanced Eating Instrument (EEI), the ultimate multi-tool for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, EDC buffs, survivalists. With its 5-in-1 functions, this versatile eating tool is a must-have for your outdoor adventures and emergency...

  • ZeroDayGear Endeavor Wallet Multi Tool

    Endeavor Wallet Multi Tool


    Most people never leave home without these three essentials: your keys, smartphone, and wallet. Take advantage of your wallet’s unused credit card slots and carry the Endeavor Wallet Multi Tool. This convenient, high-durability everyday carry...

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  • ZeroDayGear Pocket Mule

    Pocket Mule

    $14.99 - $25.99

    The Ultimate Compact EDC Tool Meet the Pocket Mule by ZDG, your new indispensable companion for everyday carry (EDC). Masterfully crafted to be both lightweight and robust, the Pocket Mule is available in two premium material options: a sturdy stainless...

Frequently Asked Gear Questions

Who should have a Bug out Bag?

A bug-out bag, packed with essentials facilitating survival during unexpected evacuations or emergencies, isn't exclusive to any particular group; rather, it's prudent for everyone to maintain one. Whether you're a seasoned hiker, an urban dweller, or reside in disaster-prone areas, having a bug-out bag is paramount. These bags should contain necessities like non-perishable food, water, first aid supplies, and tools, providing support during unforeseen crises. Families, solo dwellers, adventure enthusiasts, and even businesses can benefit from having such a provision, ensuring a measure of self-sufficiency and safety when normalcy gets disrupted by natural, technological, or human-induced incidents.

Why do you need a multi tool?

A multi-tool, embodying a compact convergence of various essential tools, becomes an indispensable ally in numerous scenarios. For adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, it guarantees a survival mechanism, providing functions from cutting to repairing while exploring terrains. Daily life activities, such as quick fixes, opening packages, and minor repairs, are efficiently tackled with its diverse capabilities. In emergency situations, a multi-tool can be a lifesaver, facilitating vital actions like cutting seatbelts or breaking windows. For DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, it provides a handy, space-saving solution. Investing in a multi-tool means embracing preparedness, convenience, and ensuring you have numerous tools at your fingertips, compactly folded and ready to assist in various circumstances.

What is Everyday Carry (EDC)?

Everyday Carry (EDC) refers to a collection of useful items that are consistently carried on a person every day to assist in handling normal everyday needs, as well as potential emergency situations. These items typically include, but are not limited to, a wallet, phone, keys, a multi-tool, flashlight, and first aid items. The exact composition of an EDC can be customized based on personal needs, local laws, and individual preferences, ensuring functionality and utility in daily life.

What does it mean to be a prepper?

Being a prepper, one embraces preparedness not just for oneself, but also for their community. Individuals, families, and even neighborhoods can benefit from one person's foresight and planning. Preppers ensure that in times of crisis, be it natural disasters, power outages, or other emergencies, they have essential supplies and knowledge to survive and assist others. This mindset nurtures resilience, self-sufficiency, and can provide vital support networks during unexpected adversities, safeguarding not just the prepper, but those around them.

Are preppers crazy?

No. Preppers are not crazy; they prioritize preparedness for unforeseen emergencies, ensuring self-sufficiency and security through strategic planning and resource allocation.

Is Everyday Carry (EDC) Legal?

Everyday Carry (EDC) legality can vary widely depending on regional laws. While carrying basic items like phones or wallets is generally legal, carrying tools, especially knives or other potential weapons, can be regulated differently from one place to another. Always ensure your EDC adheres to local regulations to avoid legal complications.

How can a fishing card be used for survival?

In a survival situation, a fishing hook can be invaluable. Beyond fishing, it can be used for making snares, acting as a makeshift needle for repairing gear or stitching wounds, and even as a tool for crafting. Its utility can extend as far as your creativity and necessity dictate.

Why is paracord often found in gear?

Paracord, a lightweight nylon rope, is a versatile survival tool. It can be used for building shelters, fishing, making snares, and even crafting a tourniquet. The inner strands can serve as thread for gear repair or stitches. Its durability and multifunctionality make paracord an indispensable item for emergency preparedness.

Why would I want a handcuff key?

Having a handcuff key can be crucial in specific emergency situations, providing a means of escape from illegal restraint. For professionals in law enforcement or security, it's essential. For civilians, especially in regions where kidnappings are prevalent, a hidden handcuff key can potentially become a lifesaving tool. Always prioritize legal use.