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Stick the tool in the lock, pull the trigger a few times, and the lock opens up in seconds.  While not as simple as that since these lock pick guns do require practice and skill, a lock that is susceptible to a pick gun can be opened in just a few pulls on the handle.  

Similar in principle to a bump key, but can be considered more universal in that matching key ways is not necessary, these are tools that brute force a lock open by forcing the pins inside a lock up and past the sheer line, thus ensuring the lock opens.  Normally pull the trigger of the lock pick gun up to 10-15 times without resetting the tension.  Should the lock not open after this, reset and adjust tension on the gun.

Lock Pick Gun


Introducing the Snap Lock Pick Gun: Your Affordable Path to Lock Picking Mastery For those seeking an affordable entry into the intriguing world of lock picking, look no further than our basic lock pick gun. This essential tool is tailored to the...

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