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From beginner lock pick sets to more complete training sets our offerings are wide to ensure your needs are met. Just learning? Grab a couple different practice locks to get a better look at what is actually happening inside the lock as you're manipulating the pins. Seeing really is believing!  With our sets you'll be believing that you can pick a vast array of locking systems.  

Warded Lock Pick Set


Unlocking the mysteries of warded locks is simple with the SouthOrd Warded Pick Set. Commonly found in large hardware stores and often used on lockers and access panels, warded locks require a unique toolkit to pick. Enter SouthOrd's carefully...

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Traveling Lock Card


Introducing our innovative Pop-Out Credit Card Lock Pick Set, the ultimate tool for lock picking enthusiasts and professionals alike. This compact and discreet lock pick set is designed to fit seamlessly into your wallet, providing you with a portable...

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Comb Picks


Introducing our revolutionary Zero Day Gear Comb Picks, the ultimate tool for lock picking enthusiasts. Exploiting a simple vulnerability in certain padlocks, these comb picks offer a seamless technique to pick and open locks effortlessly. The concept is...

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3 Piece Tension Set


This set includes two top of keyway (TOK) tension tools and a single twisted bottom of key way tension tool.  If you're OK not seeing what the items actually look like, feel free to order while we work to grab pictures of the products...

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Lock Pick Beginners Practice Set


This is THE training set you want!  We've priced this kit so that it's in within everyone's reach.  This comes nicely packaged in a single package and makes a perfect gift.  By combining all products into one set, we're able to offer these...

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Lock Pick Gun - BPG-10


We are pleased to offer the Brockhage BPG-10 Lock Pick Gun.    This tool (sometimes referred to as a snap gun) is a manual upward striking lock pick gun made in the United States by Brockhage and caries a full lifetime warranty (be sure to...

Lock Pick Gun


Introducing the Snap Lock Pick Gun: Your Affordable Path to Lock Picking Mastery For those seeking an affordable entry into the intriguing world of lock picking, look no further than our basic lock pick gun. This essential tool is tailored to the...

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8 Piece Lock Pick Set


This is an 8 Piece Lock Pick Set with a leather-like carrying case. If you're looking for a quality starter set, this set is a great starting point.  The tools included in this set are some of the more popular picks created.  The handles on...

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15 Piece Slimline Pick Set - Metal Handles


The SouthOrd 15 piece lock pick set comes with 11 lock picks at .022" (0.5588 MM) making this a good set for European customers or those who need tools for narrow keyways.  Set includes the the SouthOrd snap leather case, 11 lock picks, and 4...

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Credit Card Lock Pick Set


The best lockpick set at your disposal is the one you carry with you at all times. This Credit Card Lock Pick Set is ideal to ensure you never leave home without a lockpicking set.  This lockpicking kit’s dimensions are approximately the same...

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Latch Shim Set


Introducing the 2-Piece Lock Pick Shim Set - the perfect solution for effortlessly shimming locks on doors that swing in and doors that swing outward. Crafted from premium metal, these sturdy and reliable lock pick tools are a must-have for locksmiths...

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Folding Lock Pick Set SouthOrd USA


The Jacknife Folding Lock Pick Set comes with 6 lock picks and a tension wrench comes in one neatly put together as a single tool.  This is a Made in USA tool. Includes:  6 lock picks 1 tension wrench Body to keep all tools together and...

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5 Piece Slimline Pick Set


SouthOrd Slimline 5 piece Lock Pick Set is geared for those who seek a smaller, Made in USA, kit to work on locks with tighter more narrow keyways.  Included with this set: 4 lock picks 1 tension tool SouthOrd snap leather case.

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Folding Lock Pick Set: Pocket Knife Style


The best lock pick set is the one you have available on your person.  For many, carrying a large lock pick set either does not make sense or is not possible due to size restrictions.  That's where the folding lock pick set comes in to save the...

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Lock Latch Shims


Introducing Zero Day Gear's Lock Bypass Cards - the ultimate locksmith secret, far superior to amateur credit card attempts showcased in the media. These cards are flexible yet robust material, our shims effortlessly slip between the door and door frame,...

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Shovit Tool


Drop your credit card shim and give the SoutOrd SJ-50 Shovit Tool a try.  This inexpensive tool allows you to manipulate locks with ease. Try first by pushing into the lock between the door and the frame and then wiggle it around seeing if it can...

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Clear Practice Padlock


The Clear Practice Padlock is here!  This is an affordable solution to learn how to manipulate the pin tumblers inside of a lock.  The clear acrylic lock allows the lock picker to see exactly what the pins are doing, as the lock is being...

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Clear Practice Residential Lock (SC1)


This is our Clear Practice Lock; 5 pins.  It uses the Schlage SC1 key way and includes 2 cut keys and a single blank key.  Made from clear acrylic and features standard pins.  The clear lock body allows the user to learn what is actually...

Generic Automotive Jiggler Key Set


10 Piece Generic Stainless Steel Automotive Jiggler Key Set.  The Jigger Key set includes 10 of the most popular jiggler car keys on the market with 10 unique designs.   We stock and ship this product from the United States within 1 business...

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24 Piece Lock Pick Set


This large set contains 24 lock picking tools contained in a zipper case with a clear practice padlock included. The steel lock picks have plastic-coated handles to help ensure a good grip can be maintained on the picks.  Some newer lock pickers...

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11 Piece Lock Pick Set


The 11 piece lock pick set is truly a set dedicated toward the budget conscious lock picker.  This set is sure to not break the bank as it's priced to sell.  This truly basic set comes in a plastic vinyl case to keep the price extremely...

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20 Piece Lock Pick Set


This is the SouthOrd MPXS-20 which includes 14 lock picking tools, an assortment of tension tools (6 in all) and a broken key extractor.   Mainly used with locks in North America,  the MPXS-20 is a good set, from a good brand, packed in a...

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Auto Jiggler Key Set


Discover the ultimate tool for locksmiths and repo experts - Auto Jiggler Keys, also known as try-out keys. These highly effective car-opening tools are trusted by professionals to unlock a wide range of foreign and domestic cars and trucks. At SouthOrd,...

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Deadbolt Turn - J Tool

$35.99 $19.99

The J-Tool is designed to utilize the slim opening between double doors often seen in commercial buildings. This allows it to operate the inside thumbturn lock and facilitate quick, simple, and non-invasive entry, eliminating any potential mess or...

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17 Piece Large Landle Lock Pick Set


The SouthOrd 17 piece lock pick set (PXS-17) is a large handle set that is made for the lock picker in mind.  Take a look at the above pictures to get a feeling of how this large handle set fits together and works.  The lock picks slide into...

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Dyno Kwick Pick


It's here... The popular, concealable, Dyno Kwick Pick!   This is a small, portable, easy-to-use lock pick which has been used by locksmiths for over a decade. Built with quality in mind, this patented tool is made in the United States...

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15 Piece Lock Pick Set


OK, OK, OK...  So you've probably seen this set advertised as a '12 piece' set.  You're probably asking yourself what gives?   Take a look at the pictures and you'll realize that there are in fact 15 pieces included if you count the 3...