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All of our lock picking tools are ready for shipping, daily, from the United States.  If the item can be added to your cart it will be shipped within 1 business day. Simple as that!

From beginner lock pick sets to more complete training sets our offerings are wide to ensure your needs are met. Just learning? Grab a couple different practice locks to get a better look at what is actually happening inside the lock as you're manipulating the pins. Seeing really is believing!  With our sets you'll be believing that you can pick a vast array of locking systems.  

3 Piece Tension Set


This set includes two top of keyway (TOK) tension tools and a single twisted bottom of key way tension tool.  If you're OK not seeing what the items actually look like, feel free to order while we work to grab pictures of the products...

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Credit Card Lock Pick Set


The best lockpick set at your disposal is the one you carry with you at all times. This Credit Card Lock Pick Set is ideal to ensure you never leave home without a lockpicking set.  This lockpicking kit’s dimensions are approximately the same...

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Shovit Tool


Drop your credit card shim and give the SoutOrd SJ-50 Shovit Tool a try.  This inexpensive tool allows you to manipulate locks with ease. Try first by pushing into the lock between the door and the frame and then wiggle it around seeing if it can...

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Generic Automotive Jiggler Key Set


10 Piece Generic Stainless Steel Automotive Jiggler Key Set.  The Jigger Key set includes 10 of the most popular jiggler car keys on the market with 10 unique designs.   We stock and ship this product from the United States within 1 business...

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11 Piece Lock Pick Set


The 11 piece lock pick set is truly a set dedicated toward the budget conscious lock picker.  This set is sure to not break the bank as it's priced to sell.  This truly basic set comes in a plastic vinyl case to keep the price extremely...

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15 Piece Lock Pick Set


OK, OK, OK...  So you've probably seen this set advertised as a '12 piece' set.  You're probably asking yourself what gives?   Take a look at the pictures and you'll realize that there are in fact 15 pieces included if you count the 3...