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All of our lock picking tools are ready for shipping, daily, from the United States.  If the item can be added to your cart it will be shipped within 1 business day. Simple as that!

From beginner lock pick sets to more complete training sets our offerings are wide to ensure your needs are met. Just learning? Grab a couple different practice locks to get a better look at what is actually happening inside the lock as you're manipulating the pins. Seeing really is believing!  With our sets you'll be believing that you can pick a vast array of locking systems.  

8 Piece Lock Pick Set


This is an 8 Piece Lock Pick Set with a leather-like carrying case. If you're looking for a quality starter set, this set is a great starting point.  The tools included in this set are some of the more popular picks created.  The handles on...

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5 Piece Slimline Pick Set


SouthOrd Slimline 5 piece Lock Pick Set is geared for those who seek a smaller, Made in USA, kit to work on locks with tighter more narrow keyways.  Included with this set: 4 lock picks 1 tension tool SouthOrd snap leather case.

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Folding Lock Pick Set: Pocket Knife Style


The best lock pick set is the one you have available on your person.  For many, carrying a large lock pick set either does not make sense or is not possible due to size restrictions.  That's where the folding lock pick set comes in to save the...

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Clear Practice Padlock


The Clear Practice Padlock is here!  This is an affordable solution to learn how to manipulate the pin tumblers inside of a lock.  The clear acrylic lock allows the lock picker to see exactly what the pins are doing, as the lock is being...

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Clear Practice Residential Lock (SC1)


This is our Clear Practice Lock; 5 pins.  It uses the Schlage SC1 key way and includes 2 cut keys and a single blank key.  Made from clear acrylic and features standard pins.  The clear lock body allows the user to learn what is actually...

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Dyno Kwick Pick


It's here... The popular, concealable, Dyno Kwick Pick!   This is a small, portable, easy-to-use lock pick which has been used by locksmiths for over a decade. Built with quality in mind, this patented tool is made in the United States...

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