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From beginner lock pick sets to more complete training sets our offerings are wide to ensure your needs are met. Just learning? Grab a couple different practice locks to get a better look at what is actually happening inside the lock as you're manipulating the pins. Seeing really is believing!  With our sets you'll be believing that you can pick a vast array of locking systems.  

Folding Lock Pick Set SouthOrd USA


The Jacknife Folding Lock Pick Set comes with 6 lock picks and a tension wrench comes in one neatly put together as a single tool.  This is a Made in USA tool. Includes:  6 lock picks 1 tension wrench Body to keep all tools together and...

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17 Piece Large Landle Lock Pick Set


The SouthOrd 17 piece lock pick set (PXS-17) is a large handle set that is made for the lock picker in mind.  Take a look at the above pictures to get a feeling of how this large handle set fits together and works.  The lock picks slide into...

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