5 Best Commercial Door Locks

Posted by ZeroDayGear.com on Apr 1st 2020

Not all locks are made equal. Businesses that store valuable assets and data want to use high quality, commercial-grade lock systems. When looking for a commercial door lock, there is a wide range of options and lock features you can choose from, and several brands that make and sell heavy-duty locks.  commercial=

When choosing the best security lock for your business, consider where and how the lock will be used, if you will have to rekey frequently, or if you prefer a keyless entry system. Each type of lock has advantages and disadvantages for different businesses. This is our list of the best commercial door locks.

1. Schlage

Schlage is a well-known global lock brand that produces reliable deadbolt locks. The locks come in many styles, including knob, lever, handleset, electronic, and smart locks. All their locks are built with high-grade metal and premium mechanical features, making it a very durable lock.

Their deadbolts come in a wide range, but it is recommended to use light commercial grade or better. They also come in single- and double-cylinder versions. The Schlage Smart deadbolts are great products, offering Bluetooth and smart home capability, so you can lock and unlock remotely. This is an excellent option if you have a lot of people accessing your space, as you can program up to 100 access codes.

2. Kwikset SmartKey Security Technology

Kwikset SmartKey locks are a good option if you need to rekey often. Their patented rekeying system takes only a few seconds to change and is resistant to modern lockpicking tools. Their products include standard locks and smart locks that can integrate for smart homes and buildings.

The main disadvantage is that they are mostly aimed at the residential market and do not use as good quality parts as some other brands. However, they are an excellent option for hospitality-based businesses where lost keys or the constant need to rekey is an issue.

3. Yale

Yale is one of the most well-known and trusted lock brands in the world, used for homes and businesses. They have been around for 150 years and have long set the standards in quality and security. Their pin tumbler cylinder system revolutionized the industry, and they have held their reputation since. They make cylindrical, exit trim, and mortise locks, for those needing the extra security.

While maintaining their tradition of reliable use, high-quality parts, and flawless construction, they have also entered the smart lock market with their nexTouch system. It can be programmed with up to 500 unique access codes and works with any locking platform.

4. Medeco

Medeco locks are another great option for commercial businesses that need to rekey often and offer a high level of security. They are made of high-quality materials, and no one can duplicate their keys without the proper credentials and the Medeco card for the lock in question.

Additionally, these locks feature interchangeable cores so that they can easily be rekeyed with the use of a special key. Medeco offers both convenience and security. For these reasons, Medeco locks have been favored for use by the US military.

5. Mul-T-Lock

Mul-T-Lock is another high-quality product that offers multiple layers of security. Both the key and deadbolt systems have added features to ensure premium security. Their dimple lock system that uses five inner and five outer pin pairs that the key raises to engage. This prevents intruders from drilling the lock or using bump keys.

The unique design of the key makes it impossible to duplicate without authorization. For those seeking smart locks, they also offer keyless systems with the same high level of security.

Final Thoughts

There are several options for upgrading your commercial lock, and each business has its own specific needs. Whether you choose keyed entry or an electronic keypad depends on what will work best for the area being secured. These brands deliver on quality and trust. They are all high-security options that can withstand even the most advanced locking tools.