Best 5 Lock Pick Training Kits for Professional Locksmiths

Posted by on Mar 17th 2020

Lock picking is an art that has different techniques and tools, all of which require quite a bit of skill to use. When starting out learning lock picking methods, it is important to focus on building that skill and understanding how to use the tools. With the right tools and training, the art of lock picking can be mastered quickly.

Here are some general things to keep in mind when choosing a lock pick training kit. Master your first set before moving on to the next one. Start with a basic set of lock pick tools to begin practicing your lock-picking craft, and eventually, you’ll be able to service multiple locks for your clients.

Lock Pick Kit Basics

While tool sizes vary for different locking mechanisms, narrower tools are better as they give you more space to work. It is important to have a set with a number of narrow picks. Buy your lock pick training kit from a reputable brand. Cheap quality picks will not last as long and may even break in a lock.

While more expensive does not necessarily always mean high quality, it is important to choose picks and tension tools made out of stainless steel. The steel should be strong but flexible enough to push more secure locking pins. Cheap ones will break easily in these cases. The head of the pick should also be smoothly finished, allowing for better tactility when feeling pins.

Learning the process and approach for lock picking strategy is just as important, and having the correct tools will make that easier. This guide will discuss the best 5 lock pick training kits for beginner and professional locksmiths and when each is recommended to be used.

1. Lock Pick Beginners Practice Set

For the training employees, choose one with a hook, tension bar, and at least a few rake pick choices. Bogota, snake, and double rakes are the most versatile and should be included in any good beginner lock pick training kit. This kit contains the basic tools, a number of pick options, and a clear, practice padlock. The clear padlock will allow the beginner to see what they are doing as they learn how to pick a lock.

2. Credit Card Lock Pick Set

If you or your employees want to carry your kit on you at all times, the credit card lock pick set contains the five basic steel lock picking tools conveniently stored in a sliding credit card case.

3. Dyno Kwick Pick

Professionals may prefer a more advanced tool to carry when on the job or as a backup tool. The Dyno Kwick Pick is easy to use and has been used by professionals for many years. This high-quality tool holds a spring-loaded pick with an attached tension bar. It is a great all in one tool for locksmiths working on site.

4. 24 Piece Lock Pick Set

For those who prefer having a complete set of tools to work with, this 24 piece lock pick set comes in a zipped carrying case. Tools can be stored in the storage sleeves, and each has its own spot. It contains 24 high-quality versatile steel lock pics with plastic handles, for additional comfort.

5. Lock Pick Gun

More advanced lock pickers may opt to use a lock pick gun to practice opening locks. The basic lock pick gun is a great tool to experiment with at a convenient price point.

The tool does not have many features and just uses a trigger to push the picking tool into the lock. It can often open a lock in just a few attempts and is a great tool to use on more advanced locks.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of great lock picking tools to practice with for the beginner and the advanced lock picker.

Consider keeping several of each type on hand and practice regularly with them.

Each tool offers different advantages and may be preferred in a certain situation.

For more info about the great tools and best practices for locksmiths, visit ZeroDayGear today.

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