Why Lock Picking Isn’t the Devious, Impossible Art it’s Depicted to Be

Posted by on May 31st 2018

Why Lock Picking Isn’t the Devious, Impossible Art it’s Depicted to Be

Many of us have our favorite cloak-and-dagger movies, which immerse us in story lines inconceivable in daily life. Whether you’re a James Bond fan, or reluctantly acknowledge Austin Powers to be your guilty pleasure, espionage films have undeniable appeal. Our beloved heroes or most-scorned villains take center stage, anxious to complete their final objective. However, one glaring hurdle stands in their way: a pesky lock, or so we’re led to believe. With unparalleled skill and finesse (and in some instances, high explosives), they quickly breach the seemingly paltry security before them.

These types of situations are both vilified and romanticized within our favorite cinematic works of fiction. Lock picking is not only portrayed as a useful craft, but also as one used to fulfill more nefarious aims. Not only that, but such abilities are supposedly results of highly-specialized training; accordingly, people with such a skill set are few and far between. Popularly, the art of lock picking is often shrouded in shadow by those only familiar with its negative connotations. In reality, this reputation is largely unjustified. What may surprise you is that such a skill can be honed with a bit of patience and concentration. Self-education can begin with a starter set or a computer, thankfully without consulting secret agents or back-alley delinquents.

If you’ve ever daydreamed about enacting those scenes on the silver screen, taking the first step is easier than you might expect. It’s important to keep in mind that lock picking is a labor of trial and error - one that can be quite humbling in the beginning. The old adage still rings true, however – practice makes perfect. It can be challenging to become adept with our hands, especially when getting accustomed to new tools. Always remember that time will yield results.

Aside from the average person, professional lock pickers have been in business since the creation of key locks. Whether one works as an independent professional or for a business, participating in the trade can be a lucrative venture.

Locksmithing Pays Wells

In fact, lock pickers play a large role in helping those who find themselves in a rare bind. Have you ever been locked out of your house or your car? Perhaps you left your keys behind, or worse, misplaced them? Your friendly neighborhood professional can be summoned in a flash – and maybe help you feel a little less silly. As you can see, lock picking can be highly beneficial to both individuals and the public. To add a further layer of legitimacy to the practice, all professional locksmiths in California must obtain proper licenses.

Just like there are white-hat hackers, there exists a multitude of men and women who use their expertise for joy and making an honest living. Lock picking has long held a place as a popular hobby, one offering constant opportunities to challenge yourself. Just ensure you follow local and state laws while doing so and remember that your own property is fair game.

If you’re looking to get your start with an exciting and sustainable hobby, you’re in the right place! Zero Day Gear is here offering top-quality bump keys, pick guns, and lock pick tool sets. If replacing the bobby pin with some versatile gear sounds like a plan, look no further. Perhaps you’ll even give old Alfred C. Hobbs a run for his money.   

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