8 Piece Lock Pick Set


This is an 8 Piece Lock Pick Set with a leather-like carrying case. If you're looking for a quality starter set, this set is a great starting point.  The tools included in this set are some of...

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Lock Pick Gun - BPG-10


We are pleased to offer the Brockhage BPG-10 Lock Pick Gun.    This tool (sometimes referred to as a snap gun) is a manual upward striking lock pick gun made in the United States by...

Flex Plus Bump Hammer


The Flex Plus bump hammer is the most flexible tool used to strike the back of a bump key to help ensure a successful bump that we offer. Whether or not the most flexible hammer is the one which...

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Standard Bump Hammer


The "Standard Flex" bump hammer is a fine tool to help with the bumping process. While a bump hammer is not a necessary tool, it is one which can help to save your fingers and potentially improve...

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