Your Guide to Choosing Stylish and Secure Door Handles

Posted by on Jan 1st 2022

Your Guide to Choosing Stylish and Secure Door HandlesThe door handle is the part of your front door that you will see and interact with the most. Although there are many features and options to choose from, a well-designed door handle should be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Follow these tips for choosing the best door handles for your front door, and learn how to find the right combination of aesthetics and security. What Elements to Consider? Door handles and entry gear come
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Pros and Cons of Going Digital on Your Door

Posted by on Dec 13th 2021

Pros and Cons of Going Digital on Your Door One of the fastest rising technology trends is the Internet of Things, spurring the development of an ever-increasing number of smart devices capable of connecting to the Internet and your mobile phone. Among these new products are smart home security systems and digital door locks. The trend of going digital on your front door means replacing a traditional mechanical lock with a new, Internet-connected smart lock. Here’s what smart locks brin
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What to Pack in a Compact Go-Bag

Posted by on Sep 23rd 2021

What to Pack in a Compact Go-Bag A go-bag, also known as an emergency bag or a bug out bag (BOB), is a backpack containing a curated selection of gear and supplies to survive an emergency that forces you to leave your home. Learn how to build a lightweight go-bag that contains everything you need during any type of emergency. Choosing a Suitable Compact Bag Before choosing the right supplies, you must select a suitable backpack. The central element of your go-bag is the type of ba
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Are All Smart Locks Hackable?

Posted by on May 20th 2021

Are All Smart Locks Hackable? When homeowners think of the best available home security technology, many imagine electronic locking systems, also known as smart locks. In addition to being more convenient to use, most smart locks are often described as safer, more reliable, and more advanced than traditional solutions. However, you may have also heard that no security system offers 100% security against all attacks and that even the latest smart locks are vulnerable to motivated ha
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Guide to the Best Window Locks

Posted by on Jan 20th 2021

Guide to the Best Window Locks Home windows are among the most vulnerable entry points for burglars. Older homes often have worn-out frames and hinges that can be easily pried open using a crowbar or common tools. Many homeowners make it even easier for intruders, leaving windows open when they are away. 23% of burglaries occur through an open window on the first floor. Securing your home’s entryways is one of the most critical yet effective methods of protecting your property and famil
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