Brand Spotlight Schlage

Posted by on Apr 11th 2022

Brand Spotlight: SchlageSchlage locks have been gracing residential and commercial doors since 1920 when founder, Walter Schlage, began to manufacture tools to create the first doorknob with a push-button lock in the center. Schlage continues to innovate and create superior locks and stunning and stylish hardware. The Schlage Company HistoryWalter Schlage was an innovator from the start with his first patent in 1909 for a door lock that could also turn the lights on and off. His creativ
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How to Choose Entry Hardware

Posted by on Apr 5th 2022

How to Choose Entry HardwareEntry hardware, also known as front door or entry door hardware, is the lock, handle, and mechanical assembly of a house’s exterior door. Due to their role as part of your home’s entrance and egress points, your entry hardware has different functions and purposes than your interior doors. Choosing the right entry hardware is not just a matter of matching your home’s style and decor. It is also about finding the right balance of security and functionality. Follow these
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7 Ways Technology Has Changed Locksmithing

Posted by on Mar 17th 2022

7 Ways Technology Has Changed LocksmithingThe locksmithing industry looks drastically different than it has in the last decade. Traditional lock and key systems are starting to fall out of the personal security mainstream as smart locks, and keyless entry options take over.Locksmiths have kept their original skills like lockpicking and key crafting throughout all the changes. However, locksmiths have also had to learn new skills and offer new security services to keep up with these seven technol
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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Survival Knife

Posted by on Feb 22nd 2022

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Survival Knife A survival knife is a highly versatile tool that you can use in many situations. These knives are part of many everyday carry kits because of their versatility and universal usefulness. However, the features you’ll need in a survival knife primarily depend on your needs and intended applications. Consider the knife style, blade shape, materials, and tang to determine which survival knife can serve you best in a survival situation.1) Kni
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Learn Outdoor Skills for Any Scenario: 7 Best Survival Schools in the US

Posted by on Jan 19th 2022

Learn Outdoor Skills for Any Scenario: 7 Best Survival Schools in the USFor true self-sufficiency, you need outdoor skills to survive in the wilderness. Learning outdoor skills prepares you for any scenario in nature and gives you a sense of security and self-confidence in your everyday life. If you ever find yourself in the wilderness without modern amenities, you’ll be happy you invested in a survival skills course at one of these seven best survival schools.There is a wide range of outdoor sk
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